Sneaky Black Hat SEO Tactics That Will Actually Help or Hurt Your Search Engine Rankings Today

The following article was written by a blackhat SEO.  I decided to post it here so that we can go over the article together and bust some really bad blackhat SEO. You want to get the most from your SEO and you are going to try whatever you can. You can try some black hat SEO tactics that will improve your search engine rankings. The black hat tactics are ways that you can improve your rankings but the search engines do not approve of them. You can try your luck at them to increase the traffic to your website. Sneaky Black Hat SEO Tactics That Will Actually Help HURT Your Search Engine Rankings These are looked down upon by the search engines, especially when Google will be in charge. You may utilize them at your own risk and they have been shown to benefit people in some ways. You will see an increase in your rankings depending on how you go about using these tactics. Here are a few of them that you can try: Hidden Text or Links You can use hidden text and/or links in your website copy. This will direct the traffic to where you want it to go. Be sure that you have it set up properly because you want to see your rankings get the boost that you need. This technique can potentially work, but it depends how you are “hiding” the content.  If you are putting white text on a white background or making your content so small that no one can read it, well, that’s not going to work. You’re website will get penalized for that. However, you can utilize tabbed or accordion content to minimize how viewable the content is.  Google has recently come out stating that they do view and parse content that is inside of tabbed or accordion elements on your website. Utilizing these types of elements can be a really good way to boost up keyword rich content, without hurting the look of your website or doing something that is going to cause Google to penalize your website. Content Automation Use content automation so that you are constantly having a lot of new information out there. Since the search engines will pick it up, make sure that you have it scheduled correctly to get the most benefits possible. Most people would use content automation using spinner software.  Spinners take content that’s already on the web, put it through a formula that rewrites the content so that it’s unique and then posts it to your website.  Typically this isn’t a good idea as spun content is really easy to detect and will often trigger a Google flag against your website which will decrease your rankings.  If you’re just wanting to keep your website’s content fresh, I would recommend signing up for a content writing service that utilizes low quality writers.  This content will not win you any awards, but it will be unique, pass copyscape, and as long as the writer puts the content through something like Grammarly it will visually look alright. Doorway Pages Some people have used doorway pages and have seen results. You can try them out to see how they work for you. A doorway page, is a page that’s put on a website simple to rank for a particular keyword, but doesn’t really offer any valuable or unique content. So it would be like making 20 different pages, all with pretty much the same content and then adjusting titles, headlines and keywords so that each page can rank for something different. A number of years ago there was a lot of fuss that Google was going to start cracking down on doorway pages and so a lot of people stopped using them.  I’ve seen mixed results with this and think it actually works well more than it doesn’t.  However, this is something that would be easy for Google to adjust their algorithm for and so it’s better to keep each page on your website unique. If you’re pressed on time or budget, but want to get the same effects of doorway pages. Just take your content, hire a writer to rewrite your content so that it’s unique and passes copyscape. Then just keyword optimize it and you’ll have the same effect.  Depending on your content length the rewrite may cost you $5 or so, but will be worth it. Cloaking You may want to try cloaking. It’s not as common as the other black hat techniques are. If you are good at it, you may see your rankings improve. Cloaking is the process of showing different content to Google than you show to your website visitors.  Most people who use this are spammers, scammers, and virus distributors.  There really isn’t any real beneficial reason to use cloaking in your SEO tactics.  Best just to avoid this one. Keyword Stuffing If you want to keyword stuff on purpose, you will see that your rankings will increase. Many people do not even realize that they are doing this until they are called on it but if you can do it from time to time, you will see results in your rankings being improved upon. Keyword stuff like it used to be done doesn’t work any more.  Google is smart enough to detect it, but you can still use a variation of this process through good keyword research.  Instead of using the exact same keyword over in your content, find out all of the variations of your keyword and then use all of those variations in your content. As long as your content reads decent Google will read this as highly relevant content to the keyword your focusing on. Sneaky Redirects You can get creative when you use sneaky redirects. These will be hard to notice and they will provide you with ways to get people to know more about your products and services. Have them placed throughout your website so that they are not seen right off the bat so that you can benefit from them easily. Kind of like cloaking, I don’t see any SEO benefit to this tactic.  Just don’t do this one. Link Schemes When trying link schemes, you will most likely learn from trial and error. Do some research to find out what schemes are popular for use. They may be complicated to do so opt for the simplest ones that you can find. See what you can come up with when you link in various ways. This is known to show an improvement in rankings. In Google’s opinion, any link buying would be considered a link scheme.  However, backlinks are still the foundation of awesome SEO and buying links are some of the best ways to get good backlinks. Bottom line with this either build your own resource websites that can link back to your ranking website or find real blogs and websites and reach out to them on how you can post content to their website. Many of them will respond with a price that you can pay and you’ll get a blog post with a link back to your website. When To Use Sneaky Black Hat SEO Tactics? If you […]