Top Paid SEO Tools

SEO is one of the most challenging propositions for modern website owners and it’s important to build a proper website using modern SEO strategies. How can a person go about this without making a mistake or wasting time? It comes down to using state-of-the-art SEO tools and keeping up with the competition. Here are the tools your competitors are using and what makes them a wonderful addition to your toolkit as a website owner or SEO agency. 1. Ahrefs Keyword research, backlink research, and general keyword tracking can become challenging for the average website owner or SEO agency. This is why the value of Ahrefs cannot be stressed enough as a paid SEO tool. It is one of the most powerful SEO tools on the planet and is appreciated for its impressive tracking abilities. It has a comprehensive database that is accurate, up-to-date, and in line with modern SEO standards. Whether it’s the SIte Audit feature or the Rank Explorer, there’s something for everyone when it comes to SEO. 2. SEMrush SEMrush is another intriguing SEO tool and is right up there with the best including Ahrefs. This tool offers a slew of features including a powerful keyword database, SEO site audits, and competitor analysis making it an incredible SEO tool to you have up your sleeve. This is great for those building a proper website and wanting to do comprehensive SEO research beforehand. SEMrush simply works and is among the best at what it has to offer for SEO campaigns. It’s easy to use, consistent, and up-to-date making it a no-brainer. 3. Advanced Web Ranking Tired of not knowing how your website is doing after putting together a comprehensive list of posts on your website? Want to know which posts are working and which ones aren’t on Google? This is important information and it’s not always easy to track every single keyword on your website accurately. This is why most people look towards paid SEO tools such as Advanced Web Ranking because it has an accurate tracker that works like a charm. Users can easily filter through rankings and make sure they only see what they’re after whether it’s on Google, Youtube, or Amazon. 4. Mongools KWFinder This is one of the better SEO paid tools on the market right now when it comes to traditional keyword research. It has been built with tremendous attention to detail and is one of those user-friendly options that are affordable and great to have while building an SEO-friendly website. It has a large database of keywords that is updated regularly and simply works in feeding high-quality information to users. Rather than looking at other tools that are pricier and offer additional features, this keeps things simple and only offers keyword research. If that’s all you need, KWFinder gets the job done well. 5. Yoast When it is time to put together a comprehensive post on WordPress, it’s important to know what’s required to rank well. It’s not easy to get everything in order including meta tags, keyword density, headings, and general readability, which is where Yoast comes into action. This all-encompassing WordPress plugin is wonderful in providing premium assistance to help rank on Google and other major search engines. While the FREE version is excellent, there’s added value in going with the paid plugin. It is tremendously powerful and provides a comprehensive list of features that make it easier than ever before to publish a great piece of content. 6. Majestic Building backlinks is a core pillar of SEO and has to be appreciated with the help of Majestic. This is one of the world’s largest link databases and is an ideal option for those who want as much information about their website or niche. It’s efficient, safe to use, and simply works as intended for link building purposes. It’s a quality paid SEO tool that does its job perfectly. Final Thoughts These are the best paid SEO tools on the market right now. Those tired of not knowing what to do or where to go will want to have these tools in their toolkit. Building a comprehensive SEO campaign is easier said than done, which is why it is time to take advantage of these tools as soon as possible.